A warm welcome from
Aberystwyth Robotics Club

How do I signup?

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Discord Server

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Welcome Video

We've put together a presentation for freshers to learn a little bit about our society, it will be played during the welcome week streams for the compsci and physics department, but we're also linking to it here for anyone who is interested.

About Us

We’re a student society supported by the Infinity Exhibition and Aberystwyth Robotics Club (outreach) devoted to making friends and working with those who share a common interest in robotics.

Throughout the academic year we meet weekly to showoff what we've been working on and to help each other out with whatever challenges we may be facing that week. We take part in numerous outreach events including the weekly after-school robotics club a great opportunity for those interested in going into teaching and science week where we show off what we've been working on to thousands of secondary school students.

If you are interested in joining, click the AberSU Registration button below.

If you have any queries, email the society at scty243@aber.ac.uk

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Our committee

  • President - Robyn Vaughan-Williams (rov3)
  • Secretary - Daniel Scotting (das78)
  • Treasurer - George Whitehead (gew47)

Beach Lab Presentations and Talks

Beach Lab is an annual event organised by the Computer Science department and Aberystwyth Robotics Club, based down on the promenade during summer.

Beach Lab 2020 - How do our favourite TV robots work?

Beach Lab 2020 - Red Dwarf: Scutter

Beach Lab 2020 - Robot Wars: Razer

Beach Lab 2020 - Sumo Bots

Beach Lab 2020 - Hobby Robotics

Beach Lab 2020 - Hexagon cupboard

Beach Lab 2020 - Film and CGI influence on robots

Beach Lab 2020 - Rigid Frame Robotics

Beach Lab 2020 - Robotic Pets - Cozmo

Beach Lab 2020 - Robotic Pets - MiRo